Lost and found

Lost and found

A few days ago, I went to the park to do my workout session. As I was walking towards the park, I noticed my favourite necklace around my neck. And mind you, it’s worth less than 20 euro and has a small watermelon pendant. I’m so attached to it, because I love watermelon and just love the fun side.

Because it’s gold-plated, I’m always very careful not to get it in contact with water, sweat and such. So I decided to put it off and put it in my sports jacket.

Fast forward three days later when I wanted to wear my necklace again. I remembered I put it in my jacket, but to my surprise it wasn’t in my jacket. I frantically searched my house and even went back to my workout spot to search for it.

At my usual bench, I met two women who were enjoying the sun. I told them I lost my necklace and the helped me searching, but we couldn’t find it. Seeing me so distraught, one of the ladies told me, she once lost her favourite necklace as well when she was in France. She was really bummed about it, but ¬†she got a lift from a very nice lady, who took her to a nice places and they enjoyed oysters together. So when she lost something, she gained a new memory. To console me, she hoped I would also gain a new memory. I thanked them and wished them a good day.

In the evening I my house again, but then I relented. The next day, I looked for my necklace online. Because I bought it a few years ago, it was sold out everywhere, I saw some knockoffs, and even started a mail to the shop to explain the whole situation and to make a desperate plea……. but then I stopped.

I told myself just to calm down and don’t think as I’ve already lost the item. Just think I’m going to find it and If I don’t, then mail the shop. So I went to my workout spot again and looked under the bench, as I was doing a lot of jumps on it. When I didn’t see it. I paused to sit on the bench and to my happiness I saw my necklace on the floor!!! As it was waiting for me. I was so happy to find it again!

What I’ve learned that the universe is taking care of me. Not by ‘giving’ back my lost necklace. But really taking care of me. I could also not have find it, but got something bigger itself. The meaning of life….


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