My life with food

My life with food

My relationship with food started from early age. I remember my grandmother whipping up so many delicious Indonesian dishes. Or my ‘Oma’ ┬áin Indonesia who had their her catering company. Everyday she and her staff would cook the whole morning and deliver fresh home cooked dishes in [rantangs], (a portable food container, stacked, made from stainless steal)to their clients. Mostly busy doctors and (I would ). When I was visiting my grandparents when I was 4. I would join their daily [bezorgen] and I would proudly present the rantang to their customers. They called her oma Rantang.

Lunch in Indonesia isn’t your ordinary sandwich. No, actually it usually consists of different dishes served with plain rice.

My grandmother gifted me a rantang a few years back. When I took it to the park to bring my homecooked meal for a picnic, a woman in the park suddenly exclaimed, ‘oh, that’s a rantang’. I was pleasantly surprised someone recognized and knew the Indonesian word.

In this world of take-away. This would be a [green] and [sustainable] way to redo the take on take away. Bring your own rantang.

When I was in New York this year. I was so overwhelmed with the take-away boxes, containers plastic bags, cutlery all to be thrown away in a jiffy.

Now with the foodprep hype. Rantangs are suddenly back and happening. [Toegegeven] you’d have to be careful with liquids an [vervoeren] your food upright, or you could spill.

Just like ginger tea, the wisdoms of Asia are slowly seeping into Western culture.





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